Dungeon Fighter Online

The developers of MMORPG Neverwinter revealed the details about the processed testing of Tiamat

The Cryptic Studios studio continues to share details about the upcoming Dragon Fighter module, which will bring a bunch of new content and changes to the MMORPG Neverwinter. In its new blog, the developers’ team decided to talk about the processed test of Tiamat. Now it will become available in two modes: ordinary and master. For the first, the GS level should be at least 30,000, for the second-at least 70,000.

In addition, the Queen of Dragons Tiamat will surprise the players with new skills, including the overwhelming magic, which can be dispelled with the help of special spirits. Below you can familiarize yourself with additional items that will be given out for victory over it in the usual mode (first image) and on the complexity of the master (second image).


Also, for lovers of challenging, a number of achievements will appear for the testing of the Master. After the player manages to get them, he will receive a special cape of Tiamat and the title Overgager Tiamat as a reward.