How to make money in the cycle: Frontier

Is it difficult for you to make money in The Cycle: Frontier? Well, don’t worry anymore! In this leadership, we will share all the tips and recommendations on how to earn money stably and quickly in The Cycle: Frontier. So, without unnecessary words, let’s get down.

How to make money in the cycle: Frontier

If you started your trip to Cycle: Frontier, you may already know how important it is for you to accumulate money or loans and use it to buy new weapons, update the previous weapons, improve the armor and even buy a vehicle. To move quickly.

The playing environment around you is cruel, and if you are not on your guard, other players and mobs of Cycle Frontier can kill you and easily destroy you for prey. Below we have listed all the recommended ways to make money in the game and use it to improve weapons and armor.

survive until the level increases **


Our first advice is intended for players who have just started playing Cycle: Frontier and find out how to cope with its mechanism.

At the initial level, players do not have reliable weapons or equipment that they could use to protect against stronger players or mobs in the game. They also do not have enough resources for which they could exchange them.

Therefore, before increasing the level, we recommend that you play the game with restraint and avoid contact with other players. Thus, you can get prey from the extraction point without worrying that you will be killed and slowly increase the level.

Then, as the level rises, you can finally fight with other players, fight for the prey that you deserve, and exchange it for weapons and equipment that you like.

Agriculture Minerals **


As soon as you reach the appropriate level, you can start mining. This is a great resource for the acquisition of high-quality equipment and materials that you usually get for a lot of money. Players can find these minerals scattered through the areas of bright sand and crescent.

The ores, which you should pay attention to at the entrance to these areas, is the fragile ore of titans and the ore of titans. When you acquire these ores, you can get green equipment, which is quite expensive in the game, and will help you increase the level in the game to accumulate a little more money by participating in future print runs.

To find these ores, the first place that we recommend to you is to visit the northern route located on the north side of your game map.

Start your way with the eastern caves and slowly advance around the north. The upper level of the eastern cave contains three ores, and the lower level-two ores.

As soon as you process them, go forward and inspect the minerals in this area. There will be resources such as titanium, nickel, focus and velcites. These are excellent resources for selling big money and investing it in any equipment that you prefer.

Make sure that you check the cave next to the Lumberjacks camp when you move forward; It has a total of five titanium ores.

As we approach the waterfall, there will also be a cave. Find the entrance, and here you will find a total of four titanium ores along with a medical box. In addition, as you move forward, you will also find the key to the mine, which is the key to an abandoned mine with 13-15 ores of titans and other goods.

You can also find a cave next to an abandoned mine, and here you can find a total of 7 titanium ores. We also recommend that you examine the corners and nooks more, as it is likely that somewhere a cache with resources awaiting the collection was lying somewhere.


When you leave this cave, go to the excavation site, and here you will find about 5-8 minerals. Now move forward to the southern route to find more resources. Start with the place where the swamp is located, and go to the gathering point. Here you will find an entrance to the cave with 2-4 tits.

Now away from the cave, and you will find one more close. Here you will find about 4-5 knots of titans. By acquiring all these resources during the run, you can exchange them and get from 25 to 30 thousand space rubles.

kill AI **


One of the fastest ways to get loans, in addition to the pharma in the game, is to kill all the AI you see while you are on the run or fight. Their murder guarantees loans, and sometimes, if you are lucky, there will be more than usual.

Whenever you appear in the match, you will have about 4-5 AI on the field that you can kill. The more AI you kill, the more loans you can get, which will subsequently be used to improve weapons.

Fulfilling the requirements of the contract **


In Cycle Frontier, players can sign contracts for Veld, according to which they should protect underground mine drilling from AI, and at the same time they receive loans.

In addition, there are requirements such as the delivery of certain items or the performance of certain actions. As this, players will receive loans that they can exchange for weapons, vehicles and equipment that they like.

Run Launch **


If you play in a cooperative, we recommend that you start the drone; You will receive glasses for the implementation of the contract for the launch of the drone and get another contract to complete it. Moreover, during the launch of the drone, a lot of AI will appear, which means that the murder of each of them entails huge credit income.

chests **


Explore bridges and rocks to find chests. In these locations, there are usually the most chests, and when purchasing them, you can get loans, weapons and abilities.