Sandbox MMOARPG Starkeepers announced. Fantasy action to create a world together

Developer WolFpack Games released the MMO action game Starkeepers on June 11. The compatible platform is a PC (Steam), and according to the store page notation, it is scheduled to be distributed early on April 1, 2023.

Starkeepers is MMORPG, which focuses on action and sandbox elements. In this work, the player became a high-dimensional existence Astral that makes full use of space-time magic, and is immersed in a mythical world. He seems to be a ally of justice against cosmic threats, and to be able to reach various powers to change the history of the past.

One of the features of this work is a rich action element. In addition to double jumps and omnidirectional sprints, operations such as rolling on the ground and blocking attacks are possible. In addition, it is said that it can be transformed into ancient heroes using the Star Relics (Star Relics) and gain battle skills. It is also possible to craft an occult weapon from the collected material or use equipment taken from enemies. In addition to duel and dungeon encounters, battles among players have been suggested, such as a brawl at a base called Starkeep.

The above-mentioned Starkeep is a base that players create themselves. Players gather as clan, build fortresses that combine walls, fixed machine guns, traps, etc., and protect the territory. In addition to the voting place, the Senate and the Finance Bureau, which manages taxes, and stables to share horses together. It seems that players include systems that create social infrastructure.

And the story of each season of this work will change depending on the choice of individuals and groups. He has adopted a dynamic quest system, following his colleagues, pioneering different ways from people, or being a villain.


WOLFPACK GAMES, which develops this work, is a studio with developers in multiple regions, including China, the Netherlands, Australia, and South Africa. It is said that developers with many years of MMO development experience gathered and established. Also, it seems that developers who have been involved in online titles such as Warframe and Age of Conan are enrolled.

At the start of early access distribution, the player touches on the contents of Starkeepers and expects the content of the content that can participate along with the construction of this work. During the early access distribution period, it seems that ancient heroes can be transformed and expanded quests and stories for the official version. Although the early access distribution period is expected to be about one year, the actual schedule depends on how much the player fidback can be reflected in the work.

Starkeepers will be distributed early for PC (Steam). According to the store page, it will be distributed on April 1, 2023.