A whole lot of blood!: Curiosive commode accident at BVB

Ex-keeper Roman Weidenfeller commented in a video shared by Borussia Dortmund using Twitter: You can’t leave it alone.


Owomoyela clarified: I stumbled throughout the bed pole and kissed the bedside side with my head. He included: Outcome: laceration! A whole lot of blood!

Tonight I saw my life gone by briefly, composed the previous German international on Saturday next to a picture on Instagram that reveals him with a wrapped head. I simply state eyes open at the commode run !

It resembles an accident in the header duel, yet the yellow association around Patrick Owomoyela’s head has a different reason.

The 42-year-old, who is currently in Ghana with the so-called BVB legends, took the crash with humor as well as composed: I enjoy to be the fat head in my family members and also thank my guardian angel that it didn’t happen in the middle of the face. That would not just have gone out much worse, but likewise a shame… and now I have the headgear.