The government set up a parallel import: among other things there are Apple and Sony products

The Izvestia newspaper, citing a report by Rosakkreditation, found out that in Russia a parallel import of 75 groups of goods from advanced countries was established: Germany, Italy, Japan, China, South Korea and others. Among the brands are Apple, Sony, Siemens, Samsung, Bosh, Electrolux, Mitsubishi, Toyota, IBM and others.


The parallel imports, it is allegedly managed to establish, thanks to the simplification of administrative procedures (bureaucracy) for business. The goods of the named brands will come to the country not directly from official suppliers, but in roundabout ways from countries in the warehouses of which extra products remained. According to the same principle, goods are imported, for example, to Latin America.

If everything goes according to plan, then it will be difficult to get new gadgets only on the release, but after a while they will still get into the country when they satisfy demand in target countries.