Webboard game companies are attacking Social Casino

[game Park Ye-jin reporter] Domestic game companies are paying attention to social casinos. In particular, companies that have strengths in web board game services such as Neowiz and NHN will gather related capabilities to target overseas markets.

Social Casino refers to the online game genre where you can enjoy casino slot machines and pokers on your PC or mobile. Unlike web board games, paid services are not available in Korea because they are considered as a meandering game under the Game Industry Law. As a result, game companies are securing sales sources in overseas markets.

According to the game industry on the 13th, Neowiz is pursuing social casino development based on global slot games. Neowiz signed an agreement with Kangwon Land last year and announced that it will use slot content developed by Kangwon Land to produce social casino games.

NHN’s game subsidiary NHN Big Foot will also enter the social casino business through the casino world game ‘Slot Marvel’ with NFT. In addition, ‘Double A Poker’, a multiplayer poker game released as a lineup, is also likely to join social casinos.

Netmarble subsidiary Jampot is also planning new social casinos and recruiting related personnel, and Wemade Play is also strengthening its overseas social casino market by resolving the merger between the two subsidiaries ‘Playings’ and ‘Flyer’.

Domestic companies are pursuing a strategy to combine the P2E model with social casinos that act as cash cows. In fact, NHN also announced that it will introduce new lineups, including social casinos, as P & E (P2E) versions, and Wemade Play also plans to add synergy by adding blockchain technology to new social casinos.

Social casinos are said to have stable high profits to game companies compared to other genres. According to market research firm Stati Star, the global social casino game market is expected to expand to $ 8.3 billion in 2026.

However, there are also observations that the application of P2E of social casinos will be difficult for the time being. In the overseas market, game money exchange is banned in social casinos, so existing social casino game companies such as W. Games and Mituzen are also targeting P2E games as a priority lineup.

As a result, game companies are expanding their market monitoring by looking at overseas trends. Jang Hyun-guk, CEO of Wemade, said in a media meeting held in February, The expectation for social casinos will be a great and very important axis.