Digimon Survive shows a little more gameplay in a new video

Bandai Namco has published a new trailer of Digimon Survive focused on its release date. Although the truth is that this date was already made public a couple of months ago, when its producer confirmed it Kazumasa Habu for July 29, this video does show a little more than gameplay.

We already knew that the base of the game will be a visual novel divided by chapters and with fighting of the tactical role, but now they have taught that we can use a mobile phone to scan the terrain in search of tracks, so the game will have a plot centered on the mystery.

On it they have also contributed new details regarding its premise: the story focuses on a Takuma Momozuka that has gone on an excursion with its school, but ends up being unexpectedly transported to a mysterious and dangerous world full of monsters, where He and each of his friends will take a partner Digimon with him. Takuma’s task, therefore, will be to find the way back home (that’s, another isekai).

As they had been announcing, Digimon Survive will be more dark and adult than usual in the series, with some digimon that will be halves of the interior of their companions. In addition, as a visual novel that is, we will advance through the story based on conversations with the rest of the characters, with elections that will affect the evolution of our allied monstrous.

Digimon Survive will be released on June 29 of this year for Xbox Series X and S , Xbox One , PlayStation 4 , Nintendo Switch and PCPC *Through Steam **.