Officials again took up the regulation of the gaming industry in Russia

In Russia, a bill is being developed, the purpose of which is to adjust the game industry in the country. Lawyers and participants in the IT industry work together. The proposed measures have already been discussed with the developers of the video game and the Department of the Ministry of Digital Development, which is responsible for the development of software in the Russian Federation, Vedomosti reports.


If you do not go into an unnecessary legal-chin-tower and useless details, then the main idea is to refuse the commission from the sale of products, the creation of a simpler mechanism to obtain grants and subsidies for gaming studios and include Russian studios in the register. domestic in. The main problem that large companies left the country is blocking in Russia operations with foreign currency.

Hypetrain Digital producer Vlad Mishchenko expressed his opinion on this issue:

_ What really needs the domestic Gamdev now is the dollar exchange rate again at the level of 70–75 rubles and the opportunity to accept dollars in the Russian Federation again, as well as platforms and services that again go towards, and not limit Russian developers. If the state somehow agrees with China so that the projects have benefits for entering the Chinese game market (which is terribly regulated), then this will be much more important for the industry. _