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Combinations in Monster Train and how they work

In the column collector in the Roguelike style, such as Monster Train, which is filled with impressive and various options to the edges, the list of cards and their effects in the deck are an integral part of the success of the passage. However, despite the fact that some effects of cards are strong in themselves, the main key to success is the combination of map effects together. This manual will consider some of the best combinations of map effects in Monster Train.

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Multistrike and Attack Buffs/Rage

Simply put, the improvement of the characteristics of the Junita attack with the multi-jacket is one of the simplest, but the most effective combo in the game. Multijar is an effect that allows the essence to attack more than once; Each stack of Multistrike is an additional attack. The combination of this effect with the buffs of the attack, such as rage, which adds +2 to the attack for stack, can lead to destructive damage.

endless and call


Players who love endless value flock to the combo Endless / Summon. When the unit dies with infinity, he returns to the top of the deck, and the effects of the call are triggered when the creature is played. This combo allows you to continuously activate the triggers calling on UNUN, which allows players to endlessly kill bosses.

burnout and reform

Like the Endless and Summon, Burnout and Reform combination, can constantly generate value. Fighting is usually a negative effect, as this is the return countdown that kills Unit when it ends. However, with the help of a reform that returns the card to the hand and gives it +5 to attack and health, a combination of two effects allows you to create massive monsters.

Magic Strength and mood

This combination is well suited for those who use spells that love to apply powerful effects. In other card games, effects that increase the damage of spells are usually very strong; However, the effect of Attored Monster Train takes this to a completely new level, since it multiplies the magical power of spells, allowing you to apply crushing damage and combo.

spikes and regeneration

Regen and Spikes are a combination created for players who love to endure punishment, as well as distribute them. Regeneration is an effect that allows creatures to restore their health over time, while spikes cause damage whenever the creature receives damage; Their combination allows the essence to survive their opponents, depleting their health and restoring their own.

frostbite and sweeping

A powerful combination of effects in area, frostbite and waves are combined to destroy several enemies over time. Fraud is a summarizing debuff that causes damage to creatures affected by this effect at the end of each course. In combination with SWEEP, which makes Unit attack all enemies, the FrostBite effect is superimposed on every affected target, causing even greater damage over time.

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