Deck construction x Tower defense Shapebreaker Start early access from July 19th -Start with the approaching figure with a proud deck

Alexander Van Den Bulc has announced that it will start early access to 2D Tower Defense Shapebreaker-Tower Defense Defense DeckBuilder on July 19th.

This work is a 2D tower defense game with a deck-building element that features a simple graphic composed of figures. Use a deck card to place and upgrade the tower, and to see various enemies approaching to destroy the core. In addition, by protecting the core, you can acquire new cards and passive upgrades and further strengthen your team.

Early access period is scheduled for 6 to 12 months. At this time, up to two chapters are implemented in all three chapters, and we want to increase the replayability by adding unique cards, enemies, skills, etc. by the official release.

Main characteristics of this work

  • Defense using a card

Use a card to build and upgrade the tower and meet the enemy.

  • Deck construction
    Build a deck with the reward you have acquired and improve your play style.

  • Construction of your own tower
    Combine modules and elements and build your own tower.

  • Maze creation
    Create a maze that confuses the enemy who is moving straight for the core.

  • Unique play experience
    You can enjoy different rewards, enemies, and areas for each play.

Shapebreaker-Tower Defense DECKBUILDER is scheduled to start early access from July 19 at Steam.