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SEGA validates 11 more ready Mega Drive Mini 2 as well as the new variation of a very uncommon outer

In its discussion occasion, Sega confirmed the very first checklist of video games, which consisted of BROS Bonanza, Dream Area, Wonderful Taruruuto-Kun, Beaming in The Darkness, Thunder Force IV (LightCening Force: Mission for The Darkstar) as well as Virtua Competing between the titles From Mega Drive and Mansion of Hidden Hearts, Popful Mail, Shining Pressure CD, Silpheed and also Sonic The Hedgehog CD as very first Mega CD games.

At the start of this month Sega announced Mega Drive Mini 2, the brand-new variation of the consoles line that have actually honored the traditional devices of the Japanese company. With a catalog of even more than 50 games , Mega Drive Mini 2 will have as terrific uniqueness with SEGA MEGA CD Gamings, the legendary accessory that caused the 16 littles SEGA the games in CD-ROM format.

The hedgehog business has remained to verify new games for its traditional console as well as an interested peripheral that returns directly from the 90s, the Cyber Stick. The last list of games ** validated consists of:

The console starts with a price of 9,980 yen, simply over 70 euros to transform, although we will still need to wait to recognize if Sega will be motivated to bring it to the European market . As for the business’s mini consoles, Sega verified that he had actually also checked out the concept of a Saturn and Dreamcast Mini, although they experienced issues.


The brand-new USB variation of the Cyber Stick of Sharp , will supply us analog controls for compatible Mega Drive Mini 2. This curious outer has an analog bar and a compatible accelerator, adjusting to left-handed or skilled gamers. It will certainly arrive on the Japanese market the same day as the console, on October 27 , with a price of 19,800 yen, concerning 140 euros **, as VGC has actually shared.