Nexon unveils summer updates at Mabinogi offline showcase Fantastic Day

-Investigator, official website and YouTube channel

-Shet event, special performance, summer update announcement, quality response, etc.

-Prior registration event until July 12th, provided various benefits

Nexon announced today (27th) that it has released the offline showcase ‘Fantastic Day’ of the online game Mabinogi and announced this summer update plan and event news.

‘Fantastic Day’ was held live on the official website of Mabinogi and YouTube channel at the VSG Arena in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 25th. First, we held various dictionary events to participate in the field, and presented special performances of the first singer Tikicitic Lee Shin-hyuk and the rooftop moonlight.


Nexon Min Kyung-hoon, who is in charge of the development of Mabinogi, has been on stage and delivered a summer update plan. In July, we will focus on improving the growth elements of Mabinogi and shortening the time required for growth for new and return users. Seamlessly, the supply and demand supply and easy training to break down the growth stagnation section and help rapid growth.

In addition, various beginner benefits will be provided up to 10,000 levels, and beginner channels can be changed to 10,000 levels. In addition, the addition of various improvements such as adding quest order bulletin boards, the appearance of ‘aroma bear’ fur, ‘the hypnot for travelers who are afraid of spiders’, and a character generation preset support that can choose a more diverse and attractive appearance..

In August, new growth will showcase Arcana talent, which is the form of hidden talent. In response, the company plans to add ‘Elemental Night’ and ‘St. Bard’ in the form of a wage test and choir hidden talent. Arcana has a strong effect by talent when it reaches a certain level of level.

Later, Sung Seung-heon Caster, Nexon Min Kyung-hoon, and Choi Dong-min’s content leader gave the field questions. Through this, we have time to freely communicate on a wide range of topics, ranging from more specific and detailed questions about the update announcement to the recent questions about Mabinogi services and existing content.

Meanwhile, Nexon will hold a pre-registration event with actor Kang Hye-won, a Mabinogi advertising model until July 12, ahead of the summer update. When participating in pre-registration during this period, ‘Romantic Farm Aroma Bear Extra Miniature’, ‘Royal Academy Crystal (10)’ It offers a reward coupon consisting of ‘Blonynie Minidol’ and ‘Blony Doll Bag Exchange Ticket’.

Nexon Min Kyung-hoon said, Thank you very much to all of you who have attended the showcase and watched you. I will listen.

For more information about this showcase, visit Mabinogi official website .