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What games are included in the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy collection?

The set of games Mega Man Battle Network is one of the most beloved among franchise fans. The series started in 2001 and introduced the world to another Universe of Megamen, the action of which took place in a digital atmosphere. You could connect to electrical equipment and computers to fight in the dungeons as Megaman.exe, Navi from the network, and use combat chips to combat viruses and other enemies.

Like games about Pokemon, games, starting with Mega Man Battle Network 3, were produced in pairs with differences in each copy and even included many card elements in the gameplay. So, what games are included in the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy collection?


All games from the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy collection.

In total, ten games will include ten games in the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy. These games include:

Network of Battle of Megamen *
* Originally released on Game Boy Advance, Mega Man Battle Network tells the story of Lana and Megamen, which are fighting a terrorist organization called WWW (World Three).
Network of Battle of Megamen 2
* Lan and megamen are returned in this name after the events of the previous part. Now a new terrorist group called the Gospel appears to destroy the digital world.
mega man battle network 3 blue / white
* This is the first batch to receive two versions. Here you can first configure Megaman, while fighting with the aforementioned WWW.
mega man battle network 4 Blue Moon / Red Sun *
* In Mega Man Battle Network 4, the meteor goes to the ground, and a new organization called Nebula spoils the Navis digital world using Dark Chips.
Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Protoman / Team Colonel
* Nebula returns in this issue and finds Lana and Megamen, fighting at the front line in the team of elite Netnavis and operators.
Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Gregar / Cybest Falzar
* In this part, Lan moved from everything in the city of ACDC, and WWW returns again to revive the legendary cybersvers.

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