The release date of Mmorpg Noahs Heart is officially announced

The Archosaur Games studio has published posts in its social networks, in which she called the release date of the global version of Mmorpg Noah’s Heart. The game will become available in many languages (including Russian) and with good ping on July 28.

In addition, the developers announced the soft launch of the project on July 14, which will allow residents of some countries (the list is not announced) to start playing earlier, and the authors conduct additional optimization of servers. More information on this subject is promised to share later.

In their VKontakte groups, the developers hold a small promotion, within the framework of which this record should reach 1000 reposts (minimum) in general, for which players will receive pleasant gifts after the release.


If this record shall share 1000 times-gold20,000 copper ingot3 stone3 transparent crystal3 soft wood3.
If this entry shares 3000 times-gold20,000 cotton fabric3 linen3 soft leather3 rough skin3.
If this record shall share 5,000 times-almazes100 Star dust2 Piluli of Life1 Elemental Crystal10 Conventional food2.
Upon reaching 10,000 subscribers in VK-almazes88, the Phantom pass3 pill of life1 primary-level weapons*2.