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◆ ‘OTT copyright’ lawsuit… 7th KT · U+Construction Implications

The online video service (OTT) music copyright lawsuit is running towards the end of the destination.

The Tribunal, who was in charge of the OTT Music Copyright lawsuit between KT Season, LG Uplus and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, ordered the ‘bilateral captain summary’ at the plea on the 7th, and the Ministry of Culture, which has insisted that there is nothing more to do, will be terminated. It will be required.

According to the related industry on the 4th, the 4th pleading will be held at the administrative court of Seocho-gu, Seoul on the 7th.

In the last 3rd pleading, the Tribunal asked the operator to submit a summary claim based on the review of the OTT Music Copyright Overseas Cases submitted by the Ministry of Culture. The Ministry of Culture and Industry ordered the operators to answer specifically about the claims.

The Tribunal said, There are simply a wide range of discretion rights as before. If you have no choice but to do this and there’s a different part from other countries, please give me a specific answer.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism will ask for the closing of the argument in this argument. Earlier, in June, they asked the Tribunal for the end of the pleading, saying that he submitted all the materials to be submitted in the 5th pleading of the OTT copyright amendment with three Teabing, Waves and Watcha.

Sejong lawyer, Bae Ho-geun, a lawyer for the Ministry of Culture and Industry, said, Please end the argument. There is nothing to answer more to what the operators require, he said. Only the judgment is left.

He also said to reporters, I have already ended, but I keep talking about duplicate, he said.

** ◆ Revision of all games of ‘poor support’

It is expected to begin at the end of the year as soon as the alliance of the laws on the promotion of the game industry, including the disclosure of probability-type items acquisition rate, will be discussed as early as the amendment of the amendments to the game law. In the game industry, all amendments are focused on regulations rather than promotion, and the voices of concern are continuously raised.

According to the game industry on the 4th, all the amendments to the game law have not been discussed since the public hearing held in February this year. This is because large political events such as the presidential election and the launch of the Yoon Seok-yeol government in March were followed, and the legislative review itself became impossible as the ruling and opposition parties were confronted with the second half of the National Assembly.

Even if the National Assembly will be launched in the second half of the year after the agreement, the national audit season is coming to the end of the game and politics. The legislative debate, which had been expected to play after the February public hearing in February this year, has been sluggish.

The amendments to all of the representatives of lawmakers Lee Sang-heon (Democratic Party) in December 2020 focused on revising the regulatory-oriented game industry laws created after the 2006 sea story and reflecting the changed environment.

All amendments include ▲ simplifying the classification procedure ▲ mandatory indication of probability-type items ▲ exemption from non-profit game grade classification ▲ Supporting small and medium-sized game companies ▲ Light contents of mentality exemption ▲ banning game advertising with illegal contents have.

In particular, the game company was concerned by the game companies, including rating, game contents information, probability-specific items, and other types of probability information, and other matters prescribed by Presidential Decree.

◆ Wherever you work, freedom… Naver Kakao, the new work system has just climbed

Naver and Kakao will introduce a full-time remote work system from today. The remote work, which began with the Corona 19 fan Demi, has become a basic work form in the conversion of endeables.

According to the related industry on the 4th, Naver will launch a ‘connected work’ and Kakao will carry out pilots in the new work system. Although the name is different, both work is based on remote work.

Naver allows employees to autonomously choose the type of ‘Type O’ based on office work for more than three days a week and ‘type R’ based on the office. Even if you select a type R based on the front remote work, you will be able to support the public seats for the office if necessary.

Employees can select one of the two types of work according to the project situation every six months. Ahead of the first introduction of work, 55%of all employees chose type R and 45%. If you are an employee who chose Type R, you can work remotely anywhere, including a house, a cafe and a resort area for the next six months. If you can only collaborate, overseas is not a problem. There is no core time.

Kakao also introduces a pilot work system that is always connected to a fellow in a virtual space and works online. In the beginning, Kakao named the new work system as the ‘methus work system’, but decided not to use the affiliates in consideration of different situations.

However, apart from the work system, the company will create a new every other week from July 8 to create a culture that works together and rests together. Bi-Week is a system where only four days a week is designated as a day off on Friday on every other week.

The Sabbath/Refresh holiday system, which offers 30 days of vacation for three years, is maintained. In addition, Kakao plans to actively listen to the crew’s opinions, communicate transparently, and further develop the work system through data analysis of working forms and crew surveys during the work pilot. The goal is to formally implement in January 2023 after the pilot process.

◆ Webtoon competition is fierce… Naver · Kakao · NHN, continues local activities

Domestic webtoon makers such as Naver Webtoon, Kakaopic Coma, and NHN Comiko are continuing to expand their presence in France. In particular, this year’s leading webtoon platforms will enter France as they enter France, and the competition in the local area will be further intensifying.

According to the industry on the 4th, Naver Webtoon continues to establish a European corporation ‘Webtoon EU’. It was originally scheduled to be established in the first half, but it was somewhat delayed than planning. Naver Webtoon plans to secure overseas base after North America and Japan through the establishment of a general corporation, accelerate the European market and solidify the No. 1 webtoon in France.

Naver Webtoon plans to expand the number of series works and strengthen local creators. It is currently providing French and German services, and plans to pursue 200 and 100 works this year, respectively. It is also to discover creators through local webtoon contests. Kim Joon-gu, CEO of Naver Webtoon, is also known to visit Europe, including Paris, France this month.

Kakaopic Coma was recently selected as an official partner of Japan Expo, one of the world’s largest subculture events in France. It is an exhibition based on subcultures around the world, focusing on Japanese cartoons, animations, and games. It has been suspended for the past two years due to Corona 19 and is offline in three years in July of this year. This is the first time ‘Japan Expo’ has selected an official partner.

Similarly, NHN, which first knocked on the door of the French market this year, is also located in the webtoon platform ‘Pocket Comics’. According to NHN Komico, a platform operator, ‘Pocket Comics’ was ranked third after Naver Webtoon and Piccoma in the French webtoon app sales category. NHN Komico started the French service of ‘Pocket Comics’ in January, and since its launch, traffic and sales have been rising by 100 ~ 150%per month.

The main platform is paying attention to France because France is the largest cartoon and webtoon market in Europe. France has already been formed in a significant scale, and it has been able to quickly accept a new comic platform called webtoon. Naver and Kidaris Studio have expanded their webtoon business in France in 2019, and this year, Kakao and NHN entered as a latecomer.