Cho Seung -rae, Google KakaoTalk update.

In addition to Cho Seung-rae, Democratic Party lawmakers urged Google’s rejection of KakaoTalk app screening. Mr. Cho led the process of forced to prevent in-app payment as a ruling party secretary of the Science and Technology Information and Communication Committee.

In a statement on the 5th, Cho said, The KakaoTalk update has stopped on the Android mobile phone because Google refused to review the KakaoTalk app just because it guided the payment method through the web. I made it and I was forced to not even guide other payment methods.

He said, There was already a concern at the time of legislation of the in-app payment prevention law. Even was rejected.

He added, The burden of users has increased and the inconvenience has increased, but Apple will follow Google and follow.

He pointed out that the KCC has regulatory authority but invisible. Representative Cho said, There are specific cases of damages due to Google’s in-app payment mandatory policy. He said.

Representative Cho said, It is not the only way of neutralizing the law, but also the KCC. He criticized high.

Mr. Cho insisted on the KCC, We must listen to the criticism that big techs like Google and Apple are laughing at the Korean law.

For Google and Apple, he said, We have said that we will comply with the law of Korea. The claim is not just an investigation, but I ask you to cooperate with the creation of a fair mobile ecosystem as a global leader.

Earlier this month, Kakao released the latest version of KakaoTalk, but was rejected because it did not follow Google’s in-app payment policy. Google has decided to allow only in-app payment since April and prohibits external payment systems such as outlink.