Se anuncia Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence

During the last months Ubisoft has found it quite suspicious, since during the summer ads they did not announce any information about new games. However, it seems that this streak of silence will finally begin to reveal their plans for 2022 , and one of the first revelations is Tom Clancy’s the Division Resurgence.

The game is a canonical work that carries the experience of the saga for the first time to portable devices. Users will see a new story set in a vast open world where they can walk through a detailed urban environment with impressive cell phones.

You can play alone or cooperative with a variety of PVE activities, from missions of history to world activities. This new chapter is based on all original game modes, although it will also add some new weapons and skills never seen in the saga.

According to the official statement of Ubisoft , this is the synopsis of Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence :


The game takes place in a contemporary city in New York after the crisis and offers a unique perspective on the key events of the story that have taken place in The Division 1 and 2.. Chaos continues to wreak havoc in the city of Nueva York, and as first wave agents representing the strategic homeland division, players will have the task of protecting civilians against hostile features and helping them build a better future. The players will discover new characters with deep background stories and powerful enemies with challenging skills.

Players who are interested, can already access the page to register and try the beta that will be released later.

Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence will be launched for ios and Android at some time of 2023 .