Horror game Kuary -Nightmare Summer Camp latest Apde distribution started. Multi -play mode implementation of up to seven people, stories developed in majority vote

Publisher 2K distributed the latest update for Quary-Nightmare Summer Camp on July 8. Online multiplayer mode has been added.

Qualy-Nightmare Summer Camp is a teenhora game. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam) and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. It also supports Japanese. In this work, a system in which the story changes depending on the player’s selection. The story develops on the last night of the summer camp. As the darkness begins to wrap around, the campsellers at Hacket Kohakobo decide to hold a farewell party. The only one left in the campsite, and there are no more rules to bind them. However, the situation goes in an unexpected direction.

This work is handled by Supermassive Games, known for UNTIL DAWN-Sanso of Tragedy. At Metacritic, the review accumulation site, the PC version of meta score is highly evaluated at 80. The story that shows a twisted development has been well received. It seems that the changing story has been valued for being nervous about the choice of players.

In the large-scale patch distributed today, the long-awaited online multiplayer mode Wolf Flock is added. In the mode, host players can invite up to seven friends in the game and watch them together. Friends watch the host play. When making an important decision, everyone will vote and determine the options. The story determined by the majority vote may be a completely different development than when playing alone.

In addition, a pod cast program called Mysterious Experience of the Century will be distributed in the game in all six episodes. Until now, programs that could only be watched on some streaming platforms can be enjoyed in the game. In the program, Glace and Anton, a fictitious super-ordinary phenomenon, will investigate a strange event that occurs around the area where Kuary-Nightmare Summer Camp is set. You will be able to enjoy the story of this work even deeper.

In addition, new clothing from campscouncers has been added to the owners of the deluxe edition. You can enjoy gameplay with character costumes reminiscent of the 80’s, which is perfect for the style. Deluxe edition content containing costumes is also sold separately as a Deluxe Bonus Content Pack.

Quary-Nightmare Summer Camp is on sale for PC (Steam) and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S.