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LoL Patch 12.13: Riot pulls back with last-minute nerfs on three very strong champions from the current meta

League of Legends patches are increasingly complex, full of changes and adjustments that at the last minute may be something else or even not appear at all by Riot’s own decision. This time around, there have been three rather big changes that have been added last minute in patch 12.13, in which several nerfs will be made to champions who are currently quite strong in the US developer’s MOBA metagame: Master Yi, Gwen and Sivir.


The latter is being a true monster with supply rework and Riot will opt to make changes to two of her abilities, while Master Yi and Gwen have been dominating Summoner’s Rift for several days and weeks now.

Changes to champions

According to what Phroxzon himself, currently in charge of balancing League of Legends champions, has been able to tell through his Twitter account, he comments that for the Wuju Swordsman they wanted to give him more improvements so that he would have a greater performance at higher levels of play, while for Gwen and Sivir, the changes were harder to predict and were being tracked accordingly after the massive power they’ve had since their release and changes.