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Open World Steampunk Adventure, Noahs Heart released on the 21st

Akasor Games announced on the 15th that it has confirmed the release date of the Open World MMORPG ‘Noah’s Heart’, which is scheduled to be developed and serviced by the company.

‘Noah’s Heart’ is a steampunk style genre that was not easily seen in the existing MMORPG, which allows you to enjoy a strange adventure on an unfamiliar planet and apply a quarter view to express the sense of space of the planet. He also emphasized the strategy battles through the connection between real graphics and Spirit.

The game has a strategic play that combines and applied different effects according to the job of Spirit, which is linked to the linked state when the two or more Spirit is triggered when the ultimate is used. In addition, in order to add the beauty of the trip, the Noah’s planet meets strangers and solves the Meeting Quest to provide cooking recipes, how to make furniture, and the information of various titles and hidden treasure chests. The Meeting Quest, which can only be performed in the set time and weather, also added the fun of freely traveling through the planet, performing missions and obtaining hidden rewards.


In addition, if a certain level is achieved, you can decorate your own space by arranging a house by arranging a house, and pursuing high freedom play, such as searching for treasure chests or finding ‘black stone’ in dungeons and unexplored.

Meanwhile, Akasor Games unveiled a TV CF trailer with the story of the Noah’s Law, which survives the Noah’s planet. In particular, Kim Byung-man made a versatile appearance in reality, such as taking a pickaxe from the bag or making a house using woodworking technology.