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Casual sports Super Baseball League, additional collaboration system club

Hae-gin (CEO Lee Young-il), a mobile game company, announced that it will launch a large-scale update of the Super Baseball League ‘Super Baseball League’, which is developed and serviced by the company.

‘Super Baseball League’ will showcase the club system for the first time through this update, and will showcase a new concept and nine new characters.

The most noticeable is the ‘club’ system that many users enjoy together. It is the first collaboration system introduced in the ‘Super Baseball League’, which has only been PVP between users. Anyone can easily create or join, and all users in the club are given a variety of attendance rewards.

In addition, Aztec’s ‘Viva Stadium’, called Diamonde, has opened a new door, and nine new characters are lineup.

‘Viva Stadium’, which has a traditional atmosphere of Central America, is a 125-meter-long stadium, which is somewhat unfavorable for hitters who are looking for home runs, but they can benefit from 20%of victory gold when set as home stadiums.

In addition, the difficulty of acquiring points in the game has been alleviated, and the free reward benefits for visiting the store every day, new packages and items in honorary stores have been updated.

Details of the ‘Super Baseball League’, which can be easily and quickly enjoying baseball, can be found on the official Facebook ().