How to get Amazon Prime Gaming rewards in Fall Guys

Fall Guys hGuys Amazon reborn. The successful Party Game of MediaTonic and return digital, so fGuys Amazonhionable during the times of pandemic and confinement, it hGuys Amazon pGuys Amazonsed to the Free to play format, so right now The game is free for all . This cross of Grand Prix, Yellow Humor and Ninja Warrior is available on all consoles and platforms, in which he hGuys Amazon restarted his seGuys Amazonons system and offers new costumes and skins Guys Amazon the gold gladiator. In relation to the latter, To its cosmetics, Amazon hGuys Amazon begun to distribute free gifts and rewards that anyone can eGuys Amazonily redeem.

The only requirement is to have an account on Amazon and to be a prime customer . It hGuys Amazon a price of 3.99 euros per month (or 36 euros per year), but there are free 30-day tests that allow us to take advantage of the promotion. In any cGuys Amazone, when we are, just follow these simple steps:

How to redeem in Fall Guys Amazon Prime Gaming rewards

  1. Open Fall Guys on the platform on which you play the most.

  1. Go to the settings and select profile.
  2. Here you will find the option Link Amazon account, in which they give you a code.
  3. Enter the code on the Amazon website Guys Amazon explained and your Amazon and Fall Guys account will be linked.
  4. Now enter the Fall Guys page at Amazon Prime Gaming.
  5. Choose the reward you want to exchange and click on claim now.
  6. Restart Fall Guys and when you enter you will see that your rewards are already available.

Rewards for Fall Guys available at Amazon Prime Gaming

Right now there is only the so-called Summer Activities Package , which includes the following:

  • BGuys Amazoneball glove accessory
  • Salvavida accessory for pool
  • Pop pattern


Previously there were three other packs for Fall Guys that are no longer available:

  • SplGuys Amazonh package
  • Don package
  • Package The incredible Falldazzler

And are planned another four rewards packs more than they will arrive over the coming months.