Switch/PS4/Steam The successor to Little Noah Paradise will be announced in the future. To add ultra -high difficulty mode and room types for free

Cygames announced on July 22 that the roadmap of the rogue action game Little Noah Paradise is scheduled to be implementing a free large update. This work is being distributed to PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch/PS4.

The successor to Little Noah Paradise is a rogue action game featuring Alchemist Noah as the main character. It is a work that describes the day before Cygames that was once operated by the mobile RTS RTS Little Noah, and Noah explores the mysterious sky archeological site. In this work, the player fights against the enemy on the random-generated stage, strengthens Noah with the earned items, and further explores her. And she was returned to her base, the ark, when she died, and started over from the beginning. However, a permanent upgrade element is prepared.

Noah creates a character called Astral with alchemy and fights her enemy by attacking the character. There are more than 40 types of astral and available randomly on the road. The major feature is that the character has various attacks and attributes depending on the character, and the combination of them to create an original combo.

On the roadmap released this time, the first free large update and the first paid DLC in early August, the second free large update and the second paid DLC will be distributed in September. Paid DLC has already been announced, and a free large update will be new information.

First, in the first free large update scheduled to be distributed in early August, Hell mode will be added. In Hell mode, it seems to be a single shot death, and it seems to be a very high difficulty mode. In addition, three new types will be added to the rooms that make up randomly generated dungeons. It is a treasure house with treasure chests that consume three keys, an attribute monster house that allows you to select the attributes of the traps and additional rewards, and the mini-game Tracy’s Bonus Stage that competes for the number of target destruction.

In addition, it includes the addition of the astral Ace of the Plot, the addition of one frame of the store’s assortment, and one statue. Statu is an image that can be unlocked and decorated with the base, and has various effects depending on the type.

And in the second free large update scheduled to be distributed in September, Witch’s Trials will be implemented. This is a so-called boss rush mode, and it is said that its own elements will be introduced, such as preparing multiple courses. In addition, the balance adjustment of astral and the addition of a statue will be implemented.

Regarding the paid DLC’s Anima Astral Accessories Pack, the first installment Princess Connect! Re: Dive] and the second installment will be collaborated with Uma Musume Pretty Derby. The price is 300 yen each, and it can be purchased for 500 yen for a set.

Anima Ganoku Kenhime Noah recorded in the first installment is Princess Connect! Re: Dive], and the Anima General Musume Noah, which is included in the second installment, is a collaboration item with Hama Pretty Derby. Anima is a dress-up item of the protagonist Noah, and the attack of the anima burst that accumulates and activates the gauge also changes depending on the type.

The successor to Little Noah Paradise is being distributed to PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch/PS4. I would like to wait for a follow-up report for each free large update and the specific distribution date of paid DLC.