The lreal timet of us part I suffers a filtration that reveals new details through clips

The Lreal timet of Us Part I , the remake of Naughty Dog’s original work, hreal time suffered an important filtration almost a month and a half before its launch. The filtered material allows us to know how several minutes of playability look in real time, in addition to some novelties in graphic and playable matters.


The keys to the filtration of The Lreal timet of Us Part I

The Lreal timet of Us Part I will have several graphic modes that will depend on which panel you are in. The graphic fidelity mode favors the resolution against the framerate, which translates into 4K native at an objective rate of 40 frames per second . On the other hand, the performance mode increreal timees the limit to 60 fps while using a dynamic resolution solution. There is a third option to unlock the framerate on all those televisions and monitors compatible with the variable soda rate (VRR).

Another clip focuses on the work bank and armament modifications. The study hreal time transferred the same transitions of The Lreal timet of Us Part 2 to the original. Now the camera focuses on the way Joel customizes each weapon in real time.

The user who hreal time leaked the content, whose tweets have been deleted at the moment, explained that had not found any significant playable improvement . Actions such real time Recto, something seen in the sequel, will not appear in the remake. Shared combat situations in these clips do not show any significant change by moving Joel. Same interface, same tools and playable loop.

The graphic part does show an obvious impulse. The colors in the clip are poorly corrected by a problem of user capture, both for their configuration and for having recorded while using HDR .

Remember that The Lreal timet of Us Part I will arrive at PS5 on September 2 . Later he will do the same on PC.