How to get Aorucenimon in Digimon Survive

Aukenimon may seem to you a villain in Digimon Survive. Do not allow this fact to scare you, since it is not difficult to make friends with this digimon, and in this guide we will help to recruit Aurocenimon in Digimon Survive.

How to recruit aorenimon and make friends with it

A few hours after the beginning of the third part of the game, players will be able to meet aorenimon, but they will have to wait a bit before he becomes its owner. Although you can get aruntimon by Digivoling to another digimon, you will have to wait until the start of part 6 so that Arukenimon appears as a recruited Digimon.

The process of friendship and recruitment of aorenimon works in the same way as with other digimons. You will need to talk to her in a free battle, answer three of her questions, and then ask to become friends. For each of the questions she asks, players can score a maximum of two points depending on their answer.

Fill in the strip at least half by the end of the conversation, and you will hire aorucenimon.

Despite the fact that the attitude of Aorucenimon is not very different from the attitude of Fangmon, it uses similar questions and statements. Unlike Fangmon, Aukenimon is glad that players tell everything as it is with all their seven best answers.

The best answers

Below is a list of all the answers that will help you recruit arunthin.

q1. You definitely like to stick out the chest before such a weak monster like me.

Answer: How rude!

Q2. Trying to start a fight with such a world-lover as I… you people are so cruel.

answer: You will say anything…

Q3. I hold a bet, you have some secrets, right? Come on, tell me alone! Try!

Answer: I will not tell you.

Q4. What do you think, what decides, what is right and what is not?


answer: Your own beliefs.

Q5. You can think about those who are next to you as friends, but perhaps you are actually lonely?

To answer: This is not true!

Q6. Let’s make a deal: give up the fight, and I will give you an object!

answer: Interesting offer!

Q7. Who do you think worse? Deceiver or deceived?

Answer: I don’t like it either.