Elite dangerous

A new control for Xbox is filtered

One of Xbox’s most loved sections are its controls. Not only do we see collection editions, but the company is constantly working on various models. Now, recently leaked a video that supposedly reveals a new version of Delelite 2.

Not long ago, a video of a white elite control began to circulate on YouTube, something that surprised many, since this model is not something that is available at the moment. The person responsible for this filtration has indicated that he acquired command in the United States , but no one else has managed to get one of these controls never seen before.

Now, this has set foot for two theories by the community. The first of these is that Xbox will announce the white control of Elite 2 during Gamescom 2022 , since in the 2018 edition of this event, the company revealed that the original Elite would have a blank version. However, there are also those who believe that this is simply false, and only a modification that someone created to deceive the public.

For their part, Microsoft and Xbox have not issued a statement about it , and they are not doing so. In the event that the white elite 2 is real, there is the possibility that in the next Gamescom we have more information about it. We just have to wait. In related issues, we already tried Xbox Game Pass on Samsung televisions. Similarly, Game Pass’s family plan has reached more regions.