One weeks worth of game culture and industry news! The best difficulty in FPS history screaming with clear, ELDEN RING Lego reproduction, etc.

There was a response in a week Game culture & Game industry information! GAMESpark’s indie game-related articles will be delivered in a ranking format. The ranking is based on the number of articles accessed in the survey period of 2022 to August 11, 2022 *.

Game Culture & Game Industry News Ranking

10th place Produced with image generated by AI! The short story horror novel game of the developer of Ikai- will be released this week: 46 pt.

AI automatic image generation that is popular on Twitter etc.
https://www.VCT Game/article/2022/08/121035.html

9th place ZETA Division VCT Game Changers JAPAN declines-Valorant GC’s past actions are judged to be highly malicious: 51 pt.


In addition, a player belonging to an influential team has been pointed out by being pointed out that the act of ethics in the game is pointed out.
https://www.VCT Game/article/2022/08/05/120984.html

8th place very cute and geisha! The development of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. will release a cat in commemoration of the World Cat Day-maybe it will appear in a new work…? : 58 pt.

This cat seems to be able to manage human voices.
https://www.VCT Game/article/2022/09/121087.html

7th place Your cat also appears on Stray! ? Modder Create a Cat Kin MOD of the client’s cat Modder appears: 63 Pt.

The author’s cat Jessie is also being distributed!

https://www.VCT Game/article/2022/08/05/120966.html

6th place Dark Soul A whole body made by a 14-year-old fan-bonfire wind birthday cake glows: 76 pt.

It is said that the child of normipoikkeus, a Reddit user, made a bonfire cake of the Dark Soul series.
https://www.VCT Game/article/2022/08/05/120985.html

5th place The user is only 1 % of the members… 2021 Netflix Game, which started in November, is clearly used: 77 Pt.

We are currently distributing 26 works, including works on the theme of Stranger Things.
https://www.VCT Game/article/2022/09/121094.html

4th place #Cloud Birthday Happy New Year Campaign is held on August 11-17-FF VII 25th anniversary: 94 pt.

This is the second of seven campaigns held to commemorate the 25th anniversary.
https://www.VCT Game/article/2022/06/121009.html

3rd place GTA V Sales reported that the number of units was exceeded from 17 million units-the next work GTA 6 also mentions: 104 pt.

Return the creative benchmark again in all entertainment
https://www.VCT Game/article/2022/09/121089.html

2nd place powerful score! Reproduces the walking mausoleum of ELDEN RING in Lego-In the past, Skyrim is also the subject: 161 Pt.

Is the impression a little different from the colorful of Lego?
https://www.VCT Game/article/2022/08/121036.html

1st place No one was able to accomplish for 18 years HALO 2 In the extreme Muzu Challenge, it seems that a real achievement has appeared-Approximately 2.66 million yen award money: 270 pt.

At the time of achievement, screams and screams of delight by family.
https://www.VCT Game/article/2022/08/05/120965.html

The second place was an episode of an overseas net user called , which reproduced the Wondering Mausoleum in ELDEN RING in Lego block. The walking mausoleum that exists in various places in the game and moves slowly with the legs of the building. HoboSapient, including the bell attached to the bottom, has been reproduced with a total of 30 pounds (about 13 km), which consists of about 5,000 to 6,000 pieces.

The first place was , Halo 2, which was Halo 2, was achieved . Jervalin, who has achieved a world record in various challenges of the HALO series, has achieved the challenge. I achieved this challenge in about 6 hours 29 minutes and 44 seconds and got a prize of $ 20,000 (about 2.66 million yen) **. At the moment of achievement, the screams of the sound are broken, and behind the screams of the delight of the person who seems to be a family behind.