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The best gifts for each simulacra at Tower of Fantasy

Simulakra is necessary in Tower of Fantasy, since each of them is a weapon that you can use in battle. These simulacra can wake up at different speeds so that you can recognize their background and, ultimately, their features, which are passive abilities. You arouse them, giving them gifts that turn into waking glasses, and each Simakrum has preferences regarding what gifts they want. Use this guide to tell you about the best gifts for each simulacra at Tower of Fantasy.

Hide for Tower of Fantasy Gifts

Gifts in Tower of Fantasy are not as simple as you could imagine. Several tags are applied to each simularu; These are gifts that they prefer. Tags are also applied to gifts. So, in order to make Simulacrum the best gift, you must combine tags, the more coincidences, the better.

Each rarity of the gift matters the default awakening.

A special gift / ssr-40 waking points. *
A wonderful gift / SR-20 waking points
Small gift / n equal to 10 waking points

But if you coincide by tags, you will receive bonus waking points in excess of the basic value of the gift, depending on the rarity of the gift, the bonus changes.

Each of a special gift tag-this is a bonus 20. *
Each coincingent Fine Gift label is a bonus 10
Each corresponding small gift is a bonus 5

For example, we will give Vorone a special gift in the form of a limited figure of Tata.


Tags of the raven household items, objects of a limited store, as well as figurines .
Tags Limited Tata Figurine: limited items in the store as well as figurines .
* Since two tags coincide, the crow will receive an additional 40 waking points. 20 for each match.

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The best gifts for each simulacra at Tower of Fantasy

Each gift donated to each of these simulars will give 80 waking points.

Favorite Special Gifts for each simulacra at Tower of Fantasy

Each gift in this section, if he is presented to Simulyaku, will give 60 waking points.

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Favorite Beautiful Gifts for every simulacu at Tower of Fantasy

All gifts in this section when simulacrams are submitted will receive 30 awakening points.

Favorite Little Gifts for every simulacu at Tower of Fantasy

The gift of these small gifts of Simulyaku will always give 15 points of awakening.

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