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How to improve equipment in Tower of Fantasy

Weapons, matrices, silencers, simulacra and equipment: all this can be improved to increase your strength in Tower of Fantasy. With so many different items and systems, it is not surprising that players may need a leadership. Do not worry, we will cover you. Read on to find out what you need to know about the improvement of equipment.


how to get on the outline of equipment improvement

While on the main screen of the game, click the icon of the triple hexagon to open the main menu, then click the backpack button indicated on the screenshot above. As soon as you find yourself in the menu of the backpack, you can see what equipment is currently installed on your character, on the left side of the screen. Click on any part of the equipment, then strengthen an invested tab to open the equipment improvement screen. While you have resources and gold, you can press the yellow button to improve the item.

What do you need to improve equipment?

Boster modules **** and advancement modules are used to improve equipment. Modules can sometimes be given as daily awards, but the main source is the Bygone Phantasm, a series of combat stages that reward you for the passage of each stage. The past fantasy is not limited by vitality and can be used any number of times. However, progress is not reset. The only way is up.

is it worth it to improve my equipment?

Before pressing the improvement button, you should take into account some points. Equipment can be one of the five levels of rarity, from the lowest to the highest: gray, green, blue, purple or gold. Fortunately, the levels of improvement of equipment can be transferred between equipment, even of different rarities, if they belong to one category of equipment. Currently, there are eight categories: helmets, shoulders, bibs, bitch, gloves, belts, trousers and shoes. Each part of the equipment has basic characteristics that improve with higher levels of improvement and random characteristics. Thinking carefully about which of your items of equipment can provide the greatest support to your character before improving them.

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