Valorant Champions: These are the new skins presented by Riot to celebrate the next World Cup

The competitive season of Valorant is about to reach its peak with the celebration of the World Championship. A date that is synonymous with competition of the highest level and delight for spectators, but is also highly anticipated by the arrival of one of the most beloved skins lines by the community. For the second consecutive year Riot Games has become creative to launch a new circulation of cosmetics related to the Valorant Champions , very special appearances both in design and meaning that are again up to the expectations.

The Skins of Valorant Champions come back

Riot Games has opted for a continuist line for its cosmetics of Valorant Champions. Although the general design of the aspects has been modified with respect to last year, the fundamental aspects of its evolution with Radianita have not done so. In this sense, we can expect the Phantom and the new butterfly knife to remember all the spectacularity that was first shown with a vandal and a karambit: from the aura effect of the champion-that we will remind you later-until the reproduction of the anthem of the anthem Tournament or spectacular animation of last decline. Riot Games may have opted for continuity, but seen the results of last year we would not think of this negative.

The only problem we find in these aspects is its very high price. It is true that they are the most worked skins of each year by having more effects than the others, but it is normal for players to take their hands to the head to know that they will have to disburse 6,265 Valorant Points . After all, it is something that we would all want to unite our inventory and it is a shame that we have to give up for it for its prohibitive price. The positive, everything is said, is that 50% of the benefits raised will go directly to the Valorant Champions Awards. In this way, when we do with them we are also supporting the competitive ecosystem.

Ultimately, it is important to highlight that this collection will only be available for a limited time (from August 23 to September 21) and that will never appear again in the store or nightlife . In addition, it includes traditional graffiti, amulet or player card enhancement.

Thus evolve with Radiantita the new Skins of Valorant Champions

Much of the interest of these cosmetics is in their evolution with Radianita, which repeats all the spectacularity of the Skins of Valorant Champions that arrived last year.

As for Panthom…

  • Level 1: Personalized Champions Model 2022 with Logo, Shining Red Bullets and Personalized look.
  • Level 2: Red cannon flashes with the shape of the VCT spark logo, the Champions Hymn by inspecting the weapon next to a personalized animation, unique shoe sound and an effect that makes the 2022 Champions logo illuminate when achieving A LOW.
  • Level 3: low emblem and auction effect.
  • Level 4: It allows activating aura of the champion. This effect will cause the weapon silhouette to shine when we have lower than anyone in the game (the draws are not worth). In addition, every five casualties the weapon evolves and is covered with red glass fragments. With 25 casualties we get the final version.

Butterfly knife

  • Level 1: Unique Champions Model 2022
  • Level 2: Unique visual effects when hitting, general butterfly knife animations.
  • Level 3: It allows activating the champion’s aura. This effect makes the silhouette of the weapon shine when we have lower than anyone in the game (the draws are not worth). It also makes the weapon evolve every five casualties covering red glass fragments. With 25 casualties it reaches its definitive form and, in addition, it has a personalized inspection animation that represents what it means to be the champion.