Hyde after Timesia ends

Soulsborne genre games are characterized by several endings, and not one of them is clear and easy to get. The same is true for Timesia. Thymesia has five different endings that you can unlock in the game, and getting to each of them is extremely difficult. This leadership will help you unlock all endings in timaia.

How to get a Hermes’ answer formula

So, in order to get different endings, you need to create a potion called Hermes’s Formula. The creation of Hermes’s potion is the main quest of the game. Various formulas will open different endings for you. They are created at the end of the game, and for each of them you need a certain item.

The objects you need is the boss nuclei. They are collected, defeating various bosses in the game. Since you know that you need to defeat only four out of eight bosses to get through the game, you need to defeat all the bosses to get all the nuclei necessary to unlock various endings of Timesia. The combination of nuclei will allow you to unlock different endings.

To do this, firstly, we need to clarify that there are three types of nuclei that you will receive in Thymesia:

  • Vile bloody nuclei-falls out of the stupor, the sound of the abyss and the god of fools.
  • Pure blood cores-falls out of the wars and urda.
  • Creamed nuclei-falls out of the hanged queen and the mutated smell.

Since you need all eight cores to prepare different potions for different endings, you can either get them all in one run, or focus on what kind of nuclei you want, depending on what ending you are striving for.

How to unlock all endings in Thymesia

Below are various endings that you can get in Timesia.

Strength with a vile blood

For this ending, you need to combine any two of the three nuclei with a vile blood that you get. For this ending, it is better to choose the Sound of the Abyss and Fool’s God nucleus.


The final shows that the kingdom is free from the plague, but all people turned into monsters, and Corvus himself becomes a villainous killer, the worst of those with whom he fought.

Blessing Pure Blood

For this ending, you need to combine two cores of pure blood, namely the nuclei of the Varga and Urda. In the final, the plague left humanity, and all the monsters disappeared. Everything seems to be fine, right? However, greed absorbs men, making them paranoids and thirsting for the authorities. Men themselves became monsters.

harmonized force

For this ending, you need to combine two fused nuclei from the hanged queen and mutated smell. A conversation with an emerald shows that you need to balance both vile and pure blood to create a single whole.

This finale does not save humanity from the plague, but they have freedom of will. The kingdom will make its own choice and cope with the plague, looking for miracles from terrible sources.

Power of Cleansing

You can access this ending in the same way as Harmonized Force, but to get this ending, you need to move your analogue forward during the screensaver. At a certain moment, you will gain control over the corvus during the kat-scene and see how Corvus moves forward and also sacrifices himself.

In this ending, Corvus uses his memories as an additional ingredient, and people learn that the cause of the plague is alchemy. To do this, you need to collect all your memories.

Chaotic force

Any two cores that do not cause any of the above endings, when mixed, activate the ending of chaotic force. The simplest options are The Hanged Queen Core and Varg Core. The ending shows that chaos had hit the kingdom.

Some of the people were cured of the plague, some turned into monsters, and there are those who are half people, half a hybrid monster. This ending is considered a bad ending of the game.

These are alternative endings that you can unlock in Timesia. If you have all the nuclei, you can simply make a separate conservation file and from there, you can go further and get all the different endings immediately without the need to recall the game again and again, since the main choice is made after you defeat the final boss.