Order and delivery industry, personal information protection self -regulation

The Personal Information Protection Committee announced on the 21st that it held a business conference to discuss ‘public-private cooperation self-regulation’ plan for personal information protection in ordering and delivery in the conference room of the Korea Internet & Security Agency in Garak-dong, Seoul on the 19th.

The meeting was attended by a total of 11 personal information officers, including three order brokerage platforms, two orders integrated management systems that managed order information of restaurants, and six delivery brokerage platforms.

The Personal Information Committee shared the results of the analysis of personal information processing by type of order and delivery, and discussed how to promote self-regulation of public-private cooperation with the operators.


The Personal Information Committee is promoting the ‘Privacy and Self-Cooperation Regulation of Personal Information Protection’, which has established a standard for personal information protection measures suitable for the online ordering and delivery industry environment.

This is part of the online platform self-regulation, which is the national task of the Personal Information Committee.

Since the personal information processing environment in the online ordering and delivery industry is complicated, the scope of responsibility among operators is ambiguous, so there is a possibility of occurring personal information leakage accidents, while applying the current personal information protection laws and related notices to the online ordering and delivery industry. It is difficult to have difficulty, and the order and delivery industry is included in the field of self-regulatory online platform.

Based on the matters discussed at the meeting, the Personal Information Committee formed a working council with the online ordering and delivery industry to improve personal information protection measures, and based on this, autonomous agreements (draft) were established. We plan to approve and disclose ().