Smash Bra SP Masahiro Sakurais Todays piece is finally over -a notice of new service!

Masahiro Sakurai, a game creator known in the Kirby no Kirby and Super Smash Brothers series. One piece of today that Sakurai has been posting on his own Twitter account (@sora_sakurai) has ended today on August 23.

Today’s piece is a project that has been continued since December 2019. Many fans have loved the Nintendo Switch Super Smash Brawl SPECIAL when launched on the development machine and enjoyed elaborate screenshots.

However, the development equipment has already been folded, and Sakurai announced in December 2021, saying, It will end as soon as the stock at hand runs out. In addition, it seems that the stock has finally expired at the beginning of this month, and tweeted, It will end somewhere in August. And today, that day is finally coming.

In the last post, game fans said, Thank you very much! Mr. Sakurai has posted a tweet of the same content in English, and overseas fans have received various messages.

In addition, Mr. Sakurai also commented on the tweet of the end announcement, I’m thinking of starting a new service (although it’s not up every day) **. The details will be announced around 12:00 on August 24 tomorrow, so be sure to pay attention.