Todays piece by Masahiro Sakurai, Smash Bra SP, is finally over. The curtain came down to the project that lasted for 2 years and 8 months, and the fans were grateful

On August 23, game creator Masahiro Sakurai reported the end of Today’s piece on his Twitter. It started in December 2019, and it was a form that has been running for about two years and eight months. The tweets of the end reports are saying that the fans are lonely and thanks.


Today’s piece is a project that introduces screenshots taken with real development machines on Super Smash Brothers Special, which is the director of Sakurai himself on his Twitter. Originally, at the time of Super Smash Brawl For Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, it was conducted to introduce the contents of the work to the user on the service Miiverse that Nintendo once deployed in Wii U.

In the Super Smash Bros. Special, it seems that it was initially continued in the daily report, which was released only within the development team. One year after the release, it started again on Sakurai’s Twitter in the form of players.

This project, which started with one piece a day, was updated five times a week on December 27, 2020, one year after the start. In October 2021, the last DLC character Sora was distributed, and the development of the Super Smash Brothers SPECIAL ended, but the today continued. On the 1st of this month, it was announced that a post of today (a post) will be over somewhere in August, and it was today. At the end of the development, the addition of about 200 screenshots with a new screenshot seemed to have been posted longer than originally expected.

There are a variety of screenshots posted, such as those with a cool composition, those that can feel the respect for the work of the participating in the war, those that respond to current events, and those that are rich in jokes like Mr. Sakurai. In the sense that developers deliver one game scene, the response to today was great. If you look at the reply from Japan and overseas, you can realize that Mr. Sakurai is a global game creator.

Among the many posts, screenshots related to DLC characters seem to have a lot of reactions from players. Among them, the screenshot of the King Dam Hearts series, which had been eager to participate, has 380,000 likes. It is one of the best players around the world who wanted to participate.

The same is true for Steve, just before the participation from Minecraft, and Homura/Hikari immediately after the announcement of the participation from Xenoblade 2. Retweets and likes tell the magnitude of the response. This project may have been an important role in measuring the players’ interest in Smash as numbers.

This is the end of Today’s piece. However, at the same time, Sakurai says he is planning to start a new service. I’m planning to be notified tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of project will be next.