Nexon reveals a new trailer video of First Desendent standing in Gamescom 2022

-The Target gamers around the world with its unique action

** -‘Leppic’, ‘Biesa’, ‘A Jax’

** -4-person cooperative play, wire action ‘grappling hook’, etc.

Nexon announced on the 23rd that it released a new trailer video of the new Root Shooter, First Desendant, which is being developed by its subsidiary Nexon Games at the European GameSom 2022.

The new trailer video, released on the official Gamescom page, will capture the hearts of global gamers who like shooting and RPGs with the unique action and fantasy worldview based on Unreal Engine 5-based high-quality visuals. Plan.


The actual gameplay scene in the video shows the distinction of . You can see characters with different concepts, such as a wide-area dealer, Lepic, who uses a barrel, a Bisa, which restricts enemy behavior with cold skills, and A Jack, a tanker that uses spatial distortion skills.

In addition, there are various characters that have not been seen in the root shooter game, such as Bernie, which causes strong shots at high speeds, and characters that use poison or close to the enemy, assassinate and flames.

You can see the four people using the cooperative play and the wire action ‘grappling hook’ that kills the giant boss monster, and at the end of the video, the invaders’ head ‘Karel’ and the army appear to see the immersive worldview. have.

First Desendant is a new root shooter genre that combines a third-person shooting battle with an RPG. It is a global triple A-class game that is developing sustainable RPGs as a core value.

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