Craftton, 2022 PWS: Phase 2 Grand Finals

[Integrated Esports Park Ye-jin reporter] Craepton (CEO Chang-Han Kim) announced the opening of the Battleground East Asian Regional Integrated Esports Competition ‘2022 Pub Heekly Series (EAST ASIA): Phase 2’.

The 2022 PWS: Phase 2 Grand Final, which runs for four days from 25 to 28, will be selected with 16 teams selected after four weeks of fierce competition. The tournament will hold a total of 20 matches a day, and teams with the largest cumulative points will win the prize of 80 million won and the champion.

The 16 teams were determined by the cumulative points earned at Weekly Finals for the past four weeks. By region, Korea has entered the largest number of teams in Korea, with the most teams in Korea.

The Korean team that entered the Grand Finals was Gongo Prince, Gen.g (Zenji), BGP (Hunger), GNL Esports (GNL Esports), DWG KIA (Damwon Kia), Danawa E-Sports Sports), Kwangdong FRECS, Ghibli Esports, ATA (ATA), and Hulk Gaming.

In Korea, not only has the most 10 teams in the Grand Finals, but also ranked first to 8th. In particular, the three teams of Gongo Prince, Gen.g, and BGP will participate in the Grand Finals with 20, 10, and 5 points, respectively, according to the Grand Final Point Point System, which was newly established from this competition. Attention is drawing attention to how the Grand Final Total Point will affect the results of the tournament.


2022 PWS: The eight teams, including the Grand Finals final rankings, including the Phase 2 winning team, will be eligible to participate in the Pubg Continental Series 7 Asia. In addition, the top four teams will be given a PGC point that can participate in 2022, the Pubg Global Championship (PGC), the strongest Battleground esports. Last PWS: PGC points will be raised compared to Phase 1, adding fun to the selection of the PGC team.