Overseas reviews Sainzro -I am glad to come back and hope that you can play for a long time.

Gaming Nexus: 95 /100 (PS5) ● Player 2: 91 /100 (PC)
Game INFORMER: 85 /100 (XSX) ● PlayStation Lifestyle: 75 /100 (PS5)
Gamegrin: 75 /100 (XSX) ● Windows Center: 70 /100 (XSX)
VG247: 60 /100 (PS5)
Gamer.no: 50 /100 (PC) ● VGC: 40 ** /100 (PS5) (XSX)

For PC/PS5/PS4/XSX/Xbox One, we have delivered Metacritic overseas reviews of Sainz Row released on August 23. The average score in MetACRITIC is PC version 70 points (total number of reviews), PS5 version 64 points (total number of reviews), XSX version 67 points (Total number of reviews 33) is marked. (PS4 and Xbox One cannot be determined because of lack of reviews)

Sainzrow is a reboot work of the open world climb action series. Media Review has a high quality of reboot and comedy elements, while others point out the number of bugs.

Sainzro is on sale for PC/PS5/PS4/XSX/Xbox One.