Princess Connect! Re: Dive ’, new character update

Kakao Games (CEO Cho Gye-hyun) is on the 30th, popular mobile animation RPG ’Princess Connect! RE: Dive (Lee: Dive) ‘(Live)’ new summer limited character ‘Nozomi (Summer)’ update.

‘Nozomi (summer)’ is a top idol character that supports everyone in the middle of the heat. All her skills support the physical attack of allies and restore the TP (TP) of allies from the middle of the battle. In addition, the Union Burst (Memory of Summer), the Memories of Summer, increases the damage of allied physical attacks, and deals more physical damage to an enemy in front of the enemy.


Until the 12th, the new story event, ‘Karmina Summer Live Justice Moment!’ Will be opened. Users can enjoy special stories centered on ‘Nozomi’, ‘Chica’ and ‘Tsumugi’ of ‘[Karmina]’. In addition, a 1.5-fold acquisition campaign will be held during the event, and the memory pieces of limited characters’ Tsumugi ‘(Summer)’ and ‘Chieru’ can be obtained in large quantities through special quests and boss defeating.

Tsumugi (Summer), which appears for a limited time in this story event, is a character that pulls the enemy in the middle of the heat and breaks down the formation. She pulls the highest attack enemy to an allied camp and puts ‘bondage’ and ‘reduction in behavior’. In addition, the Union Burst (Kormina Summer Dome), which is a union burst, adds more physical damage to an enemy in front and drastically reduces the speed of behavior.

Meanwhile, Kakao Games will increase the frequency of pick-ups of the new summer limited character ‘Nozomi (Summer)’ until September 7, and will hold the 3.5th Anniversary Countdown Login Bonus Event by September 14th. During the event, users who log in will present 100 daily game goods, 100 jewels, and maximum 1,500 jewel.

In addition, from August 31 to September 6, the CM CONI’s quiz will be held to pay ‘300 jewel’ to 50 users. On August 30, the commemorative gift of the 3.5th anniversary, and on September 1, the main story opening commemorative will provide each ‘1,500 jewel’ and ‘3,000 jewel’.

‘Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Lee: Dive) ’for the new character update and events can be found on the official community and SNS.