Season 18 strongest, Kakao Bagg Ranker Championship 3 days

Kakao Games will start the Kakao Battleground’s offline competition (KPRC), developed and serviced by Craepon Pub Studio.

The competition, which covers the competition in the competition season 18, is 15 million won in total, and will be held at the Jenji PC cafe in Sinchon, Seoul from 6 pm on September 3rd. A total of 13 teams will participate in the fifth round of the Erangel and Mirama Map. The score is applied to the pub e-sports global rule set (s.u.p.E.R) to accumulate the scores for each round.

The game is broadcast live through level-up studio and can be seen on African TV, Twitch and YouTube. Round TOP 4 to viewers and final top 4 teams will be given to the game goods ‘G-CoIN (G-Coin)’ and BenQ Tuesday Gaming Monitor. In addition, 200-coin will be presented to the user who watched the competition.

The tournament will be held by Kakao Games, Level Up.GG, and Global BenQ esports Specialist ZOWIE. For more information, please visit the official website of the Kakao Battleground.