It is revealed why Sheiks game for Wii was canceled

In 2020 conceptual art arose from an alleged Sheik game developed by Retro Studios for the Wii. Although the idea captivated more than one fan of The Legend of Zelda , a new report indicates that This project was only an idea that never managed to take off due to the problems that the development had .


According to a new Did You Know Gaming report?, Retro Studios was experiencing some unusual ideas, such as the introduction of new races based on axolotls and mechanical automatons. along with this, it has been mentioned that History would have shown us how the Sheik participated in the creation of the Master Sword in ocarina of time .

However, the gameplay was going to be quite simple, with paul tozour, former retro studios teacher, pointing out that players were going to use the Wii Mote as in WHOK-A-Mole. This is what this is what It was commented on this:

I see people, you know, commenting on that conceptual art on the Internet… and saying: ‘Oh my God, Retro was working on a Zelda game, that would have been incredible’, and I understand that feeling, but what they have to Understanding is that it was not a Zelda game. At no time did Zelda looked nothing: it was an experiment that went wrong and was set in the Zelda universe.

There were four or five wolves, maybe six, and they were simply in their state of inactivity waiting to pounce on you, then they jumped one by one and you made ‘Whack’. That is literally everything that was, just detect when the player moved the Wii Remote. If so, the wolf dies, and if you don’t do it correctly, you receive harm.

Similarly, an anonymous source has indicated that another of the reasons why the game was canceled in 2008, is due to the fact that Mark Pacini and Todd Keller, important retro studios figures, abandoned the studio that same year . For its part, it is unknown if this idea was introduced to Nintendo or not at the time. On related issues, the wind waker and twilight princess could reach the switch. Similarly, this would see ocarina of time with a realistic style.

Editor’s note:

Although the idea of a spin-off focused on the Sheik sounds quite interesting, it seems that the gameplay simply was not going to be in the standards that have characterized the work of Retro Studios so much. It will be interesting to see if this idea is eventually resumed in the future.