Matthäus proceeds to see Kruse as a disruptive aspect for Wolfsburg

Football employment player Other Matthews is afraid additional issues for the Bundesliga club after VFL Wolfsburg.

Ruse had actually depicted his sight of things on Sunday: I assume I make a decision for myself when my time is over in the Bundesliga. Nobody else decides for me. Kovacs had proclaimed the Ruse’s Bundesliga job at Sky on Saturday.

Ruse is not a player, the grass eats, is in top shape and also permanently runs over the square at the highest rate, as Kovacs (VFL trainer Nike Kovacs, D. Red.) Want to, stressed Matthews. The ex-international is an artist and also in his method a complimentary spirit. The club knew that. I believe that something between Max Ruse as well as Nike Kovacs should have happened.


As long as he is there, he is a turbulent element in the cabin. Kovacs as well as VFL can not utilize that in this situation, composed the 150-time international Matthew in his Skies column.

Matthews continues: He will no longer play, however can remain to train. So the subject will certainly continue each day and also has not been preferably fixed by the club. The time is very suspicious. If you no longer need Ruse, you can have made clear that in the transfer period, said the 61-year-old.