LCK No. 1 seed Zenji, cruise notice with Group D organization

[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] All 24 teams participating in the 2022 League of Legend World Championships (Rolled Cup) were confirmed. Play-in-stages and group stage tanks are also completed.

Riot Games announced on the 13th that it held a group draw ceremony of the Rolled Cup Play-Instage and Group Stage after the 2022 League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) Championship Series Finals held at the United States of Illinois, Illinois on December 12 (Korea Time). Did.

The 2022 Rolled Cup Lottery is a ‘Retires’ Gabriela Devia-Allen’s society, and LCS’s superstar ‘Cyrus’ Marcus Hill, ‘HAI’ High Ram, ‘SMITHIES’ Jake Fur I came to.

The play-in-stage with 12 teams is divided into two groups of six teams.

Play-In Stage Joe Lottery began with the choice of ‘Cyrus’ Marcus Hill, who was in charge of the first pool. Marcus Hill chose Fanatic as Seed 1 to enter Group A, and pulled DRX as a pool of Group B. As the second team to enter Group A, Beyond Gaming, naturally, LPL Sid 4, Royal Never Give Up, was in Group B.

In the second full lottery of ‘HAI’ High Lam, Detonation Focus Me and Group B were chosen as the Saigon Buffalo, and Mad Lions was selected as the second team of Group A, but the team in the same area was assigned to the same group. According to the principle, Mad Lions was assigned to Group B. Lastly, LCS 3 Evil Genius was placed in Group A.

Through the 3rd full lottery of ‘SMITHIES’ Jake Fuel, Group A was assigned to Louis and Chiefs e-Sports Clubs and Group B Dense Bank Wild Cats and Isuzu Gaming.

This play-in-stage is in two stages. The first round is a method in which teams in Group A and Group B set the rankings once in a single plate. It will advance to the second round from the second to fourth place.

The second round, which is held in the tournament, is the team that wins the team’s third place after the third place in the same group and the 3rd winner tournament, and the team that won the final victory with the 2nd and 5th wins of the 5th match will be on the group stage. You can compete in the group stage up to three teams.

The group stage group organization, which is the final and round of 16, began with the four teams in the first pool of Marcus Hill, which are major regions of LCK, LPL, LEC, and LCS Summer. Marcus Hill first selected the LCS championship Cloud Nine, and then chose Jingling Gaming, LEC winning team log, and LCK championship Benji.

High Lam, who was a full lottery 2, selected the T1 first and the T1 was assigned to Group A. Secondly, LPL’s top esports were selected, but Top esports were placed in Group C because the Jingling gaming was already deployed in Group B. In Group B, the European lord G2 eSports was organized, and Group D was assigned to the PCS championship CTBC Flying Oyster.

Damon Kia was first selected in Pool 3 by Jake Pusses, but T1 was deployed in Group A, so Damon Kia was deployed in Group B without LCK team. Jake Fuel was assigned to Group A with the second Edward gaming, and GAM e-sports, Vietnam’s No. 1 seed, was organized in Group C.

Of the 16 teams, 12 teams were assigned to four groups, and the remaining seats of each group will be determined according to the play-in-stage results.


Among the three teams who went directly to the Rolled Cup group stage as the representative of the LCK, Benji’s Darwin is relatively easy. Benji is expected to go to the quarter-finals with a group of CTBC Flying Oyster and LCS No. 2 Sid, the PCS, a Southeast Asian region.

LCK No. 2 seed T1 and Sad 3, Seed, Damon Kia, were organized in a group with tricky opponents. In the case of the T1, Cloud Nine, who won the 2021 Rolled Cup championship team, was overwhelmingly achieved in Edward Gaming and LCS Summer Playoffs. Damon Kia, which belongs to Group B, competes with G2 e-sports, which was unusually strong for the Korean team, reigning as the LPL Summer winning team Jingling Gaming and Europe.

This year, the Rolled Cup will start the play-in-stage in Mexico City on the 29th, and the final will be held at the Chase Center in San Francisco, USA on November 5.