Donald Daka quests at Disney Dreamlight Valley

Hello!, Donald Duck, when you meet him for the first time, and since then we have been all fans of a quick-tempered and eternally irritated duck, who is also the second most famous character in Disney, and in this guide, we will explain everything about all The meetings that you will have with Donald DAK in Disney Dream light Valley.

how to unlock Donald Data

When the curse struck the Dream Light Valley, Donald Duck went for a dark figure through the portal in the forest of valor to get the sphere of light, but, unfortunately, was stuck there.

Now, in order to free Donald and return it to the valley, you will have to fulfill the quest lost in a dark grove for Chris toff.

To give you a general idea, you need to go to Merlin to get an enchanted pen that will help you find Donald Data inside the portal, and as soon as you find it, you can return it.

Disney Dream light Valley Donald Duck Quests

After Donald Duck returns to the valley, you can fulfill the following quests.

  • Home suitable for duck
  • Fish dispute

House suitable for duck

As soon as Donald Duck returns to the valley, and you will meet him, he will complain about the current state of his boat house and ask you to help him fix it.

To help him fix him, you will have to go and talk with Screwy Mack so that he will repair Selling.

You can find a Scrooge of a Mack in his store, and he will ask you to choose a house suitable for duck, and you will be invited to assemble the following materials.

  • 16x soft wood
  • 8x solid wood
  • 2x iron ingot
  • 4x ropes

When you have all the materials, you will need to return to your workshop and create a kit for the repair of the boat. Take a kit for the repair of a boat in Donald Hellenic.

Go out onto the street, where the building of the construction of Screwy Mack is located, and he will repair Selling for free.

Finally, to complete the quest, enter the boat, select things from the floor and give them to Donald Baku, who will complete the quest.

Fish dispute

This quest begins as a stupid dispute between Donald and Sufi, when they argued about where the catfish came from, and Donald will ask you to help them solve it.

Donald will give you green Kiki for fishing, and you can equip them and go fishing for Dazzle Beach, where you will need to catch 10 fish.

Return to Donald, and then follow him to another fishing place where you will catch the time capsule.

Having given it to Donald, you will return some of his memories, and he will go to another place, a sunny plateau, after which, digging, you will find another time capsule, unlock more memory fragments and complete the quest.