Spirit of the North, available among the free Epic Games Store games: Ark soon

usual week after week, Thursday of the free games of Epic Games Store , the Epic Games PC store. And this week we have two titles such Spirit of the North and The Captain , both available freely free until September 22, 2022. This means that if we claim them for our Epic account Games will be our forever. And best of all, we already know the following protagonists of this usual promotion, with the popular Ark: Survival Evolved the main claim.

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About Spirit of the North , It is a third-person adventure game for a single player inspired by the impressive and mysterious landscapes of Iceland. He plays in the role of a common red fox whose history is intertwined with the guardian of the Boreal Aurora, a fox with female spirit, we can read in its official description.

Spirit of the North arrived in 2019 to PS4 to make the leap in mid-2020 A PC and Nintendo Switch . It w not until the end of that same year when he made the leap to PS5 to take advantage of his new characteristics. Do not miss our analysis of the title of Infuse Studio and Merge Games .

On the other hand, The Captain It is a retro-inspired adventure game is a countertenor race through the galaxy. Make friends who help you return home or believe enemies… You can’t save everyone! Who will you leave behind? What civilizations will you save or destroy along the way?, those responsible point out.

Both will be free at Epic Games Store until September 22 at 5:00 p.m., at which time they will take their place both Ark: Survival Evolved and Gloom haven .