Rockstar closes the GTA subnet after filtration

After the leaks of Grand Theft Auto VI _, Rock star did not stay with crossed arms. As it is a custom, the company took letters in the matter, and its measures went beyond simply deleting some YouTube videos .

During the last hours, all users of sites such as Forums and the GTA Subnet, witnessed how these groups were temporarily closed. In the first case, a statement was issued where, due to leaks, All material related to GTA vi would be eliminated at the request of Take-Two :

Take-Two Interactive contacted us to eliminate the material protected by FORUMS copyright. As usual in the previous games, we will be fulfilling and this topic will be reopened in due time. Thank you for understanding.

On the other hand, a similar story was lived in the Subreddit of GTA. First, the site was inaccessible for a couple of hours. Once the public had access again, all the material related to GTA vi had disappeared , and instead there was a message where the public is asked not to share this filtration:


We are opening the Subreddit with the condition that no one can publish links, photos and videos of recent leaks. This is done to protect the Subnet from being erased by Rockstar Games. However, we will allow discussions related to filtration without leaks. We do not allow comments that have discharge links to filtration.

Next to this, Rock star continues to do everything possible to eliminate as many videos of GTA vi as possible . However, and as you surely know, once something comes to the Internet, it is impossible for the public to be available. In related issues, Rock star has issued a statement on this case. Similarly, Neil Luckmann sends a message of support to developers.

Editor’s note:

Rock star is in a complicated situation. Although it is very likely that the videos were already seen by thousands of people, the company has to reduce its flow, so that the filtration conversations go in decline over time.