How to get Scurvydogs in exchange for monkey islands

Despite the long-term gap between the Return to Monkey Island and its predecessor Monkey Island 2: Le chuck’s Revenge, the game begins where the previous one ended. One of the first tasks that you will need to complete when you begin to return to the island of monkeys is to find Scurvy dogs, which are simply hot dogs with an ongoing pirate theme.

Search for Scurvy dogs is only a small part of the puzzle, and if you want to make your task easier, you are in the right place. This leadership will tell you everything you need to know about receiving Scurvy dogs in Return to Monkey Island.

How to get Scurvy dogs in Return to Monkey Island

This part is quite simple, because when you first play for the Gay brash (or the Boy brash, because it is still young), you will immediately find yourself in front of the Scurvy dog store.

If you have problems with the search, this is a building with yellow walls and a red roof.

When you go to the store, ask the guy on the Scurvy dogs counter. Of course, they will refuse you because you are completely ruined.

Then Chucky will offer to look for a trifle in the nearest toilet. To do this, you need a key, so do not forget to hook it by the pegs before leaving the store.

How to find money for scurvy dogs

You will find a toilet opposite the store on the left side of the screen. Take the key from the brash bag and use it to open the door.

Inside you will see a very disgusting toilet with a metal thing in one of the walls. When examining this subject, Chucky will explain that this is a slug; A false coin that really looks like an eight.

Take the slug and take it back to the store. Rent it on the counter, and you will get two Scurvy dogs.

Now return to the street and, having received Scurvy dogs, follow the path on the right to continue your adventure in Return to Monkey Island.