Free Fire: The strongest rival is called Leviathan that takes double Booyah in South challengers

We return to the action of South challengers where the survivors continue to fight to sneak into the first position of the table, the weeks and days advance in the league, but the squads continue to prepare to demonstrate their great quality of play, with a squad of Leviathan that It remains as the strongest team we will have to do what can change on this date.

In the first map we see purgatory to bring the souls of the players to the world of Hades, but the squad of Stone Ocean would have different plans since he would send the back of the sea to his rivals to obtain the victory. In Alps Incubus’s demons prostrated themselves in the upper part of the map to be able to leave the rivals badly and take rapid advantages that allowed them to take the victory.

Moving to Bermuda We have a reaction of Icons Gaming that manage to conquer the map quickly to reach the final phase where they would end up conquering victory in their favor. Arriving at Kalahari Leviathan team enters into aggressive way to end the rivals to get enough weapons to be able to finalize things in their favor to take one more point.

Repeating purgatory the power of the Levant was still firm to kneel the opponents in an interesting way, impacting the bullets in the exact moments to be able to get double Booth of the night. Closing in Alps The wild squad would put the bullets in the right places to be able to settle things in favor of Wild Esports that take the final victory of the night.

The number 6 of the South League ends with a team of Leviathan that continues to add and add more points, although it does not take all the booth of the night they manage to be constant within the game to continue getting Several points that keep them within the first position, the other squads should seek to stabilize things if they want the head of the sea dragon.