How to restore EP in The Diofield Chronicle

From the very beginning of the gaming industry, we saw in most games a system of exhausting strip whenever you do something that requires little effort, whether it is endurance, HP or just skills.

The Airfield Chronicle from square enix is no different. In this classical strategy + fighting, we have a system of EP/Energy Points glasses that are necessary to use a certain character skill.

The restoration of ep in Airfield Chronicles is very important, given that most of the time you will fight for your life and use skills on the go.

If you do not know how, then you do not need to worry. In this leadership, we will talk about all methods of restoration of ep in The Airfield Chronicle.

How to restore EP in The Airfield Chronicle

When it comes to the restoration of ep/energy points in The Airfield Chronicles, you have many ways to do this. Although some of them may seem very insignificant compared to others, you can combine them to restore OK relatively easily.


You can think about potions as a universal way of restoring any bar in games. We saw this from the very beginning of the game industry. The potions work similarly in Airfield Chronicle, i.e. They can be used to treat/restore HP or to restore EP at some point in the game; You can even get a recombinant potion, which to some extent replenishes both HP and EP.

However, in the use of potions there is one snag, so we also have several other ways to restore EP. The catch is that you can wear only two potions at the same time, whether it is therapeutic potions or energy potions. As soon as they end, you need to return to the store and buy them again.

fragments of pink jade

If you have ended with potions, then you have fragments of pink jade in the reserve to restore a small amount of EP per fragment. But, despite the fact that they restore a small amount of EP, you are relatively more likely to find fragments of pink jade than potions.

Fragments of pink jade can be found as random objects thrown anywhere on the ground, but they can also be thrown out of the enemy. In addition, you can also guarantee the loss of fragments for each defeated enemy, if you have the ability to magic protection for Walk-in, but it costs 10 points of abilities.

passive abilities

Another way to replenish HP in The Airfield Chronicles is to use passive abilities. You could notice that some characters in the game have in their arsenal the ability aggressive recovery of EP, for example, Marion and Captain.

This ability is a passive ability, which replenishes 3 EP points for each damage you inflicted, but for starters it costs 10 points of ability. Now I know that EP restoration may seem a slight investment, but wait, that’s not all. You can also improve this ability later and increase its effectiveness, as soon as you do it, you will find it very useful.

Magilumic spheres

If you advance in the game far enough, you will ultimately reach a point where you will have to make a side quest called Binding Chains. The implementation of this side quest will give you a magi comic sphere as a reward that can be used not only to restore EP, but also at the same time to restore HP.

The only disadvantage of Magilumic Orbs is that it can only be used after you completely fill out two levels of TP scale.