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Patch 2.5 Patch Dia 2 leisure will be held on October 7

Diablo 2: 2.5 patches for players who enjoy leisure2: Resurrected will be formally applied in the game today. New elements such as the Terror Zone and the Sundering Charm are formally applied after a few weeks of testing on the open test server. The second ladder season will start on October 7.


The area of fear, which is an optional feature, is designed to allow players to enjoy the 99-level journey in a little more novel way. When you play the game after activating the area of fear, the burning hell army will focus on the power of fear in a certain area in an hour, and the level and power of all monsters in the area will be stronger. The experience and equipment that can be killed and obtained are also given to the stronger levels, so players are motivated to continue their adventures in various areas by traveling around the sanctuary.

In hell difficulty, monsters with immunity appear in certain types of damage. Destructive amulets have the effect of breaking the type of immunity of the monster while the player has in its belongings, and thus there can be more various job builds when hunting for a powerful monster with this immunity. A total of six new uniqueness, including the black perforation (the destruction of the magic immunity of the monster) and the crushing of the bone (the physical immune destruction of the monster), can be obtained with the beginning of the Ladder Season 2.

Meanwhile, the second ladder season begins on October 7. Korean players, who have glorified in the first season, will acquire real loot. Diablo 2: A total of 100 Korean players, who are ranked within the top 50 in the top 50 in two modes: Expansion Pack Ladder and Hardcore Expansion Pack Ladder, are given a real trophy. The trophy is also imprinted with the character’s name of the hero who participated in the ladder.

In addition to the new elements, the Diablo 2: League 2.5 patch, which contains overall updates and bug modifications, can be found in the official blog post.