Mobile Infinite Competition Getamp Fighters Pre -booking

Embox (CEO Kim Jungfrau) announced on the 27th that it will make an advance reservation for the mobile war action game ‘GESAMP Fighters’ jointly developed with Cyber Step (CEO Louis).

‘GESAMP Fighters’ is a game that embodies the emotions and play style of the PC online game ‘Getamped’, which is well known as a queen action game, in the smartphone environment. It features a variety of accessories that you can enjoy your own combat style.

From the 26th to the official launch, ‘GESAMP Fighters’ provides ‘limited skin’ (gang money), ‘fight money (100,000)’ and ‘diamonds (3,000)’ to all users who participated in the pre-booking page through the pre-booking page. In addition, the company plans to pay ‘Memorial Skin’ as an additional reward when achieving 300,000 pre-bookers.

The lottery rewards include LG Styler From, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch OLED, Galaxy Buzz 2 Pro, Instar Mini Eve, Google Gift Card (10,000 won, 5,000 won 100), ‘National Gift Certificate of Delivery’ (50 won 50 people) and ‘Starbucks Gift Certificate’ (100 won of 5,000 won) will be provided for users who participated in advance reservations.

Meanwhile, more information about the ‘GESAMP Fighters’ pre-booking and events can be found in the official GESAMP Fighters Lounge for news on game services such as the GESAMP Fighters’ pre-booking page and game notice.